Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my Drew-bert

Sorry I've been neglecting Drew's blog... I am sooo busy with my business, new client meetings, shooting weddings and Ardent's blog it is hard to remember that I have to update this!!!

This photo was taken up north on Memorial Day... he "wee'd" the whole time he was on this swing. He is such a little boy!!! From playing in the sand building sand castles with daddy and Uncle Mike to running around like a mini-mad man.

He had sooo much fun. Here is a photo that was taken right when we were pushing off the dock for his first boat ride...
First boat ride!

During the boat ride...
boat ride

And right after his ride - like he just conquered the world!!!


Drew just turned 20 months old yesterday... he is SUCH a big boy!!! He knows all of his letters and today he counted all the way to 10. I think that is pretty amazing!!! Now we can start working on teaching him his colors... Beyond all the cool and amazing things he can do these days he is just an all around great boy!!! I love him sooo much!