Monday, August 20, 2007

Catch up time!

This post is long over due! I have been so busy with weddings, babies and high school seniors that I can't find time to keep Drew's blog updated. I have been taking snapshots of Drew and here are some of the highlights. To print any photo please click on the photo and download the file to your computer.

August 18, 2007
Up north on Papa's lap with Autumn and Laci. Doesn't Papa look proud? Daddy took Drew up north all by himself. Drew had a lot of fun laughing at Aunt Trish and eating steak and corn! I got to travel in the pouring rain to Lake Geneva for a wedding job on Saturday and on Sunday I took advantage of being without child and went bargain hunting. I must say I really missed him and he missed me.

August 9, 2007
This was the day we took Drew to the doctor for the very first time for a "sick visit". Doesn't look sick does he? He had his first ear infection. The doctor was very impressed that he had not been in for a sick visit and was 10.5 months old. Another benefit from nursing!

August 8, 2007
I finally gave in and let him dig in the cupboards. This is the cupboard that we keep the cookie sheets and such. I've since replaced them with rubbermaid containers... of course this isn't as fun as the metal hitting the floor!

August 5, 2007
Drew's new thing is to help give Mommy Cheerios. He thinks it is so funny to "share". The O's are usually wet and slimy but it is sweet to see his face light up when you act like you are really hungry for one!

July 27, 2007
While waiting for Dwamma (aka Grandma), Drew fell asleep in Daddy's arms. This was Drew's first trip up north with Grandma an Grandpa all by himself! I had a wedding in Lake Geneva and Daddy got some work done on the studio. Drew had a lot of fun up north and was reported to have been a very good boy!

July 24, 2007
Daddy gave Drew a container to play with. Drew got creative and decided to wear it on his head. An instant fav! Make sure to view the lower of the two photos, his face is a "classic" Andy face!!!

July 23, 2007
More books! This photos is just too cute, had to add for Nana and Grandma!

July 19, 2007
See a theme? He really does like books! This one is his favorite (also from Aunt Jen) he really studies the pages!

July 17, 2007
Daddy and Drew with the Dinosaur book....

July 15, 2007
This is what the Drewbert looks like right out of the tub. He is a little burrito in his towel. I've spared you of the photos of his little tushie in the tub. He usually has one rubber ducky in his mouth while trying to grab the other ones to put in his mouth.

Drew loves getting his ears wet! His cousin Autumn never liked that so I've been laying him on his back when he gets his bath so he gets used to the water and the feeling it has on his ears. Drew will also be starting swimming class again this fall. Yup, he is the boy in class that splashes all the other kids. What a bruiser!

July 8, 2007
Drew just loves books! He is so into turning the pages. This was a special moment that he actually sat down to read the whole thing! This book about Dinosaurs is from Aunt Jen - thanks!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Uber Cute!

©2007 Ardent Photography

10 Months Old - This is the face that smiles at us everyday. He is such a good and happy boy!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our kids!!!

Gabe, Carter, Drew and Amelia

I have some pretty cool friends and now we all have pretty cool kids. It has been a journey since we've met and lived back on Farwell Ave. in Milwaukee. We make time to see each other whenever we can. It has been hard the past few years but we manage to get in some amazing visits.

This get together was at Kohler-Andre State Park in Sheboygan. The weather was awesome - we flew a kite, played in the sand and even did some mini photo-shoots! To see more photos from Hillary's camera: